Back To My Roots

Because of my Christian upbringing

and because they placed me in a Christian Academy

because I quit trying in school

I joined the Youth Group and abandoned my roots in November of 2003.

Originally my goal was abstaining from pornography

and outgrowing the mistake,yet all it did was take me away from me

which was a shame,

yet nearly 12 years later I am returning back fully to my roots.

No more hiding my roots and no more being someone else.

For a time it seemed ok,yet trying to be someone else was not me in real life.

I am not referring to what you call acting,yet actually trying to change me for someone else.

I am returning back to my love of acting,film,music and racing,yet no wrestling.

My interest in wrestling disappeared 90% in the late ’90s.

Still my interest in wrestling went really away majorly in the mid ’90s.

I no longer want it in my life.

However the acting,film,music and racing interested me then

and they still interest me today.

Regardless that I am 28 years old by time,

to me I’m still the teen that liked all of those things,

yet got sidetracked by friends,peers and others for too long.

My life was great in 2003 and if it had not been for

the certain friends that I had at the school

and the stupid rules,my life would have been perfect to me.

Still I want to bring back what I gave up in those days and I have.

It may be 2015,yet that is just a number row and that is not reality.

If a year number row was reality then we’d be in real trouble literally.

Thank goodness that memories exist and days come to us and go from us.

Still some days should never have to go ever or should at least get repeated now and then.


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