The Religion Figures That People Try To Discredit Jesus With

I have seen a lot in my life,

yet the sight of people using mortals

to try to discredit the Messiah is pathetic.


The people who use them are desperate

to write Jesus off as a lie or as a myth

like a flash flood.


They do not care who they hurt

nor what harm that they cause to anybody,

yet to discredit Jesus or eliminate Jesus is their goal

and if they could convince us all that Jesus never existed

and that his life and his teachings were false

then they will be glad in it

and also glad that we quit believing in Him,

yet thank goodness that Jesus did exist.


There is theory going around on the Internet

which is totally false

that Jesus never really existed,

yet he was copied from the story of Apollonius of Tyana

and the reason that this does not work

is because their birthdays are different

and their lives are different

so this theory is debunked as false.


Here is how their birthdays are different:

Jesus was born on between 7-2 B.C.

and he died on between 30-33 A.D.,

yet he resurrected between 30-33 A.D.

while Apollonius was born on 15 A.D.

and he died 100 A.D.

so as you tell they are two different men

and Apollonius was supposedly a magician

while Jesus never did magic of any type

so this theory is so ridiculous that to consider it is stupid.


Let’s go on the other theory that needs debunked

and if you read on you’ll notice that

their theory is also false and is debunked.

The Copycat Theory is this:

The Story of Christ is actually Ancient

and the story of Jesus was copied from the lives of

the Egyptian Sun God Horus,

The Roman Sun God Horus,

and The Roman God of a Wine Dionysus a.k.a. Bacchus,

yet the problem with this theory is these things:

Jesus was not born on December 25,

Horus was a man deified in Egypt,

Mithras was possibly a man deified in Assyria

because that is where the story of Mithras originates

and their baptism was based on bull lacerations

which is not even actual baptism like water baptism

and Dionysus a.k.a. Bacchus was supposed the Greek God of Wine,

yet he looks nothing like Jesus

and their date of birth is not listed for they are possibly invented,

yet Jesus was not invented,yet born of the Virgin Mary

so this theory too is also debunked.


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