What Is True Repentance

I will inform you what repentance is not

and repentance is not saying you are sorry and that is all,


Repentance is between you and God

and letting God know that you failed

and working on not failing again

by turning from your flawed ways

to seek His perfected ways.


We are supposed to follow His perfect ways

and to walk in His perfect ways

and to do otherwise is to fail to repent.


What requires no repentance are

the things of faith,the things of hope and the things of love

and anything that corrupt or perverse is worthy of repentance

for those are disturbing and stumbling blocks to justice

and what ever disturbs you and stumbles you justice is ruining.


Here is reasons to not repent:

Others are disturbing and stumbling around you

Others do and say some perverse things

Others lure you and seduce you,yet you refuse them

Others slander you and still you do not falter because of it


This is a self discipline type of way.


Repentance does require self discipline

for without self discipline the person can fail themselves

and become sinful again

and sadly fall away from

the Just and the Perfect and the Right Way of God

which is no burden to seek and to follow through

nor is it too difficult that it can not be fulfilled totally.



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