It is here
And pondered by most
When does it come
Where does it go
And it seems like
It goes as fast as it came
And nothing stays that much the same;

You live and breathe each day
You travel many ways
Life is not always fair to you and me
No matter where we go
Or who we might be
Still going on,it goes
Like a big rig going down the road;

It is like a river
That flows down the bed
It moves with little notice
Yet somehow we see it again
And it helps the fishes that live to survive
Along their paths
In their lives;

It is like the wind
That goes where it may
It moves on
Yet no can see it anyday
It can not be held by human hands
And it beyond our hands
Do we even understand?;

It is like a riddle
That is left unsolved
It seems solvable
Yet after a while we’re lost
And else comes up to figure it out
May lose again
Because it is like the movement of human lives and how we survive;


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