Disillusioned with the Social Scene

I hate to be harsh,yet some things never change
and the feelings regarding them seem to be the same.

Friendships is False in a lot of ways
and I am sick and tired of being ignored all the time.

Some people have a band and that is helpful,yet not me,
yet as determined as I am I will someday have a band.

I tried to get my friends to help me form a band,
yet they ignored it.

It makes me furious because none of them are better than me
and they will not see me hearing their stuff,nope that won’t happen ever.

I have my own dreams to achieve and my own songs to get noticed
and friends after all mostly want your attention and your time.

To be honest summer school was great,yet I feel so alone while I was there
and I was never really alone truthfully.

Things are gonna change after this instant
and yes I am serious too.

A ticked off man at the society I have to deal with and live with,
yet someday people will have to deal with and live with me
and that will perfect justice in my perspective
because after all the times I saw them,they’ll see me and it’ll be unavoidable.


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