Trying to mold a song works some times,yet not every time

For years I tried to find the perfect formula to write songs.
Some were poetic.
Some were patriotic,yet controlling them was not the paramount basis.
I as of today came up with a new song for myself.
It has two different choruses in it.
I named it so to fit the song.
I may add bends and chords to it later,yet it is only lyrics today.
Maybe later today I’ll make it a full song.
Songs are fascinating especially when they form themselves.
A song to me is like a cloud,you seem to have an idea
then other ideas comes along
and you put all those ideas into multiple parts.
That us how a song comes to be a song.
When you let yourself write a song
with no preconceived goals,it will be free and flow to you better.
I know this because till I let this song be what it should be
it just did not work and sounded too repetitive.


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