Reminiscing my own past

I have had high’s and I have had low’s.

One of my high’s was in 2005 when I published one of my clubs to the internet.

It did get attention and I did not know if it would do well at all really.

The Internet at the time was still uncharted territory for me
even though my first website wad published either in 1999 or 2000.


The website had a dancing lobster on it with background music,

yet I did enjoy it and I was going on towards being a teenager,
yet still a tweenager.


I am gonna list the websites that I published before and latter one was bought

so avoid it because it is explicit and I have nothing to do with it being that way:

The Faithman Club in 2004 or The Peace Maker’s Club in 2005

The Ultimate Experience in 2009-2011

Ever since 1999 or 2000 I have created over 4-5 websites.
I really cannot recall more than that,yet there may have been more than that.

I was a teenage dreamer.
Time flies when you dream.



About the latter one:

The time when I did own the rights to the website link,it was very decent.

There was my poems on it,free playable flash video games on it and stuff.

I even made bookmarks for strangers to take so that my website would be recalled

and the bookmarks had a poem on them that I had came up with myself.

That was back years ago.

That was back before I had a Facebook and mostly worked on that website.

I do still enjoying making things from scratch.

It is something to take a blank page and make it something new.

Every picture does not begin as a colored template,yet develops to there.

Every song does not begin as a sound structure,yet develops to there.


For people that do enjoy my stuff then please go to

and go back in time and enjoy the ride with me.


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