What is Justice to me?

Justice to me is protecting the homeless,the innocent,the middle class,
the needy,the poor,the troubled,the widowed and who else is in bad shape.

Whenever I see a child lose his or her family because of a war
it drives to me a big madness and a big sadness because it should not be.

Whenever I see children dashed against rocks,it maddens and saddens me
and if I had the power to stop it,I would stop it
and punish those who did it.

This civilization seems to have abandoned true justice for unneeded vice
and what is the glory of vice,but destruction and demise.

When I read what the elite have done through the centuries to people
I struggle to look at it with anything but madness and sadness.

Killing and murdering should not happen.

Self defense is a good reason to own guns and for hunting for animals.

When I saw a video of a terrified baby bear
I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug it,
comfort it and let it know that it would be ok.

Today’s society makes me furious because of it’s pitiful ways.

Maybe someday these pitiful ways will cease to be or be stopped by God.

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