This is a fact

I still love this one person.

She lives on the other side of the U.S.

She lives alone.

I will not mention her name to avoid problems.

She is more known than those who I go to college with,

yet I am not admitting much more about her.


There is a lot that I wish went different in regards to me and her.

It all goes back to 2004 and the times that I saw her in a photograph
and I immediately knew that I should get to know her or go crazy.

Oh well,I still do not know her and it has been exactly a decade since 2004
and exactly a decade ago was when I wrote and performed
“Jesus,I Believe In You” with my friends backing me up on lead,bass and drums.

Wow,my life has changed
and yes I still need a backup band to perform my songs with me.
If you are interested then please let me know.
I am not interested in collaborators as I am interested in helpers.


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