Searching for my true self

Society wants us to conform to it’s standards,yet I am a non conformist.

I am trying to navigate this life to find who I am and what I like and how I want to live my life also.

I used to sing my own way and I hated how I sounded so I tried to craft my sound to satisfy me and so far it has worked.

I always viewed others singing as more cooler than mine,yet I am trying to develop a cool singing style of my own.

I love to sing different artists songs,yet I do not want to be remembered as the Imitator who tried to be the singers,that would be wrong.

I would feel guilty for maybe accidentally looking like I was trying to steal their spotlight and that never was nor is a goal of mine.

So I bought books on proper singing and it goes by the musical scale which is hard and does wear me out at times.

I struggle at times to stay at the high notes,yet I can reach them and hang with them for a while then I move onto low notes.

I want to be a good singer who uses my own singing rather than imitating others.

My musical heroes are good and various,yet I want to be known for being unique not cliche.

I never liked being compared to other men that lived near me.

I found it tacky and wrong.

I write my own songs and I try to sound good when I sing them,yet at times I struggle and I struggle much.

Maybe someday my singing will improve,it’ll be my own singing alone and I’ll stand out from the rest of the people and be good too.

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