The World of Chords

There are dyads,triads,quadrads,pentrads and even more forms of chords that one can form.

According to Music Theory that college professors teach,

there are no Dyad Chords,yet in the Real World,the Dyad Chords exist.

It amazes me how the education system thrives on keeping people stupid and for what purpose really?

Modes and Scales can only go so far then they break down into chords,intervals and so forth.

It is like you have licorice and eventually after pulling it,the licorice breaks into pieces.

When applying this to music it could be either chords or intervals.

Dyads are also Intervals,yet so what,why does it even matter anyways?

Anyways,a musician would not play a song with intervals,that would seem ridiculous and wrong.

Songs have chords,even on the guitar and the piano both that may require Dyadic Chords.

Peter Spencer and Barbara A. Bennett’s book A Practice of Harmony that my college requires

does not have all musical knowledge in it,otherwise dyads and even quadrads would be in it too.

Whenever you go to college and you have to do theory class to get a degree in music,

do not believe that that book has all the answers,because it does not and whoever made it was partially ignorant of some things.


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