In a Realm of Regrets

I do miss how things were a decade ago

when McDonalds had a train and a slide near it

and not much traffic went near it.

Those were good times.

I do miss when God and prayer with God were of paramount importance.

I do miss the days when movies affected us and touched us in the right ways.

I do miss buying Texas Gold Cherry Cordial Ice Cream at Kroger when it was in my area,yet now it is not.

Those were the days before Walmart came to my area,yet why did the things I enjoyed then had to go also.

Lonestar’s song 1997 song “Everything’s Changed” really hits home for me.

I do miss going to the trout pond that I did as a child,yet it was closed down.

I miss channel surfing and see the Dukes of Hazzard on The Nashville Network when things were that way.

I miss the days when CMT clung to it’s roots and showed the old stuff very frequently.

These were the days before WCW was gone for good.

These were the days when Country Music was about the Cowboy Hat and the Cowboy Boots.

These were the days when gramophones and telephones were a regular in most people’s life.

Maybe someday they’ll come back again.


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