Going After Your Deepest Desires Is The Best

I realize something and that is this:

If you are not doing what you enjoy

then you are not enjoying your life


Life should be fun not ugh

because if is something is ugh then let it go.


Every time I get a icky feeling

and I am feeling it enter me

I can connect the dots and realize the reason of it

and it is necessary to let go of the aggravation.


Another thing is this:

If you do what you enjoy

and it is just and it is right

and you desire to do it then do it

and if others fall asleep on you or leave you

let them do it and keep on being you

because there is no pleasure in solely pleasing others.


The subconscious is so good

and to let this old world mar it or pollute it

is not just a injustice to us,

yet a also a stumbling block to us.



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