The Faithman Club and The Peacemakers Club

I had started this club back in 2004.

My high school never wanted me to start a club.

They thought that I was childish,yet my goal for it

was beyond the school,yet they fought me on it.

It originally went by another name,yet I changed the name of it

I was a born again Christian,

yet this was not the first time for me.

I was first born again as a child,yet reborn again as a teen.

I had fallen and lost my way and came back and repented.

I am not perfect and no person is perfect.

Still at the time the website got over 500 guest book signings

so it was a success for sure considering not many people knew me.

Regardless of being on the internet since 1999 I was a unknown.

I built my first website when I was 12 years old.

I was very young.

Still about the club,it was a Christian one.

I started the club and the website all on my own.

Through the years I have had various blogs and various websites.

This blog is my most successful,

yet to me that website was my most successful.

I know what it takes to build a club and a website from scratch.

However the JavaScript part is the hardest part to do.

The text is not too difficult to do.

It is easier to copy a JavaScript code that was already made

than it is to create your own JavaScript code from scratch.

I still like work on that one because I am not a genius at it.

I am not gonna stop wanting to get good at making JavaScript codes.

I treat this matter as I do playing,singing and songwriting

because I want to master the art of doing all four.

I never cease to explore and try new things

unless it clashes with my perspective and my preferences

then I’ll let it die.


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