On Songwriting And How It All Works

For me it is standing or it is sitting.
I can do either one when I do write songs,
yet do not always expect to get a song in a hour
composed and typed or wrote down because it won’t happen
unless the inspiration is there and the passion is there to do it.

I know about it because at times
I’d beat myself trying to compose the perfect song,
yet at times nothing would come.

Alright so exactly what does a songwriter do?
Does he just sit or stand in a room all day?
No,the songwriter does have a life,yet not everybody else.
Also the songwriter is also the storyteller
so they tell stories whether true or false.

What does a songwriter do when creating a song?
Well for me I will either sit or stand,
I will have a instrument and a pencil near by with some paper
then I’ll see which draws my attention,
yet it has to come from within or else it won’t work.
No,I am not implying no outside inspirations.
No,never,yet the source of the song is you in you,mostly.
Unless something beyond yourself draws you to do it like maybe God.
God inspired David to write The Book of Psalms.

Well that is what it takes to write a song.
Now aspiring songwriters go and do it or else it won’t get done.
I know that myself.
If I have a song on my mind and I don’t create it,it won’t be created.

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