Highs And Lows

I have traveled
I have come and gone
Weeks have went by
I have seen good times shown
That I could think about
Every now and then
Yet I want to think about them again;

Highs and Lows are what we all know
Highs and Lows happen no matter you go
It could uptown,downhome or even out in the yard
Or even when you’re driving a car
Highs and Lows make us who we are;

We can do things here
We have rights here
Yet at times things can go awry for us in this life
Still things can improve
And maybe they will real soon;

Memories are so special
They stay in the mind
Of the one who has them
So many things
We all have memories somewhere and maybe they’re still around
For us all
Even when we need them now;


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