The Prevalent and The Occult:Two Words Too Cultural Distorted

For starters
the word Prevalent means Common
while the word Occult means Hidden.
Even the Bible mentions that God hides stuff to be found.
So the word Occult is not so evil after all.
In fact dabbling in the Occult
could be putting to practice
what you find in the Bible itself.
Prevalent however is common knowledge.
Anybody can find what is prevalent on tv,
yet it gets too much attention to be trusted.
The media and the news is all scripted
and the newscasters are really actors in a seat.
Anybody can do what any of those newscasters do.
It’s not that hard to do,
just read what a TelePrompTer shows you
and you get attention and pay for speaking scripts.
I could not stand doing that.
YouTube is better than TV.


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