The world is run by vicious wolves

It goes from the pharmaceutical community to the scientific community

to the political community to the religious community to other communities.

I actually find it despicable how profit goes before health.

If these communities had it their way they’d get our money,yet not get us ahead.

The pharmaceutical community makes trillions of dollars off of our health problems

if we have any,yet what if someday they ceased to make any money

and everyone was well,nobody was ill and nobody died then that would be awesome

and that is really what I want also besides other things that I want.

Regardless of how much I do not get along with some people

I do not delight in people dying,yet I just want to enjoy my life.

There is no wrong in that at all.

Honestly I do not see why people choose to be evil rather than good

and why does these so called help communities even exist if they exist to hurt us?

It seems like these communities are a part of the elite and their goal to eliminate 90%.

The Elite could care less if we survive or not just as long as their NWO becomes real.

If I had it my way it would never happen and everything would go back to good again.

I am honestly am that way and if I can make my wish for all to live forever I will.


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