Some Things Are Simply Beyond My Comprehension

I am gonna list them some of them below:


Bad things happen when our lives are going so good,

Friends are like the wind,they come and they leave,

People want you to be into what they like

yet they refuse to be into what you like,

It is so hard to see the woman I like

yet to see other women I have no hard time seeing,

We get attracted to women we do not always care about

and lose contact with the women that we do care about,

The government takes care of itself

and still refuses to let us be us

without taxes and still have our rights,

Christians are pressured by Christians to be ministers

when that is not all that life is,

If you Christian Worship Songs

that is all that people want you to do as a songwriter,

Why do some peoples friends

that are friends with the one you love

want you to join a dating site

and be happy for the person that you love

if they are with someone else

and you want then in your life

which is kinda bullshit considering

they want in other peoples lives,



Please Explain It All To Me If You Know What It Is Like

And Do So Without Criticism Because That’s Unallowed.




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