Sometimes letting someone know they’re not yours is not enough

I have grown livid with this one woman.
If I knew then when I first started emailing her,what I know right now
I would have never emailed her at all.
Lesson Learned!
I am mad,mad at the fact that this random woman who lives overseas
does not read between the lines
and accept that I do not want her as my own nor do I consider her my own
nor will I ever do such a thing,that afterwards I would go crazy
because she is far from who I want to be with.
Goodness,if I can not be with the one who I want to be with
then what does the universe have in mind for me?
Show it to me.I take it back don’t because whatever it is is not her.
UGH!Damn it.Damn whatever it is that stands in my way of being with her
and the her I am mentioning I care about and want to be with.
This whole contacting a foreign women thing is not working for me.
Every time I read that woman’s damn fucking emails,I go fucking ballistic.
I sometimes when I read her emails,I want to punch my fist through the wall
and leave a hole in it too,yes she infuriates me that damn much,literally.


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