Do what you enjoy and explore more options

The reasons to do what the title says is simple.
It fulfills your time and it gives you a reason to enjoy each day.
There is no point to associate with and conversation with people
who are just into themselves only.
Life is too good to let self-absorbed low lifes stand in your way.

A true friend is a rarity during these days.
You can a fake friend as easy as you can find a total stranger.
Friends at first are strangers.
I mean we are not born with friends near us at birth
and life is not meant to be that way at all,yet a true friend is special.

I many friends,some that I know and some that just are my friends.
It is nice to have a high number of friends,yet true friends are the best.
While growing up I did not get to keep the same friends
not that U hated my friends,yet that those who were my friends moved away.
I did miss them,yet through the years we drifted apart and that is how it is.

I would like to find a new person that I could form a bond with as a friend
and maybe go shoot pool or do something with,yet in my twenties
I guess that is a pipe dream these days considering how today’s world is.
Maybe someday it will all work out for me and I’ll have no reason to complain,
yet till that day comes then I’ll endure every day till things change for me.


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