Dharma And Karma:Two Tenets Of Hinduism,Yet I’m Not A Hindu

Dharma mean to hold and give support

while Karma means what goes around comes back around

I tried to make sense of Dharma meaning what one is supposed to do,

yet I can’t find that definition for dharma anywhere

and I’ve looked and looked,read and read till I had head aches.

Seriously cannot make sense of such a notion

and doing what one supposed to do is noble,

yet on this planet such a thing only one can learn,

yet sadly it must come from your heart.

I never called it dharma or destiny,yet simply one’s nudge.

A deep down nudge.

I am not calling it dharma unless I find proof then I might call it dharma.

Still I won’t give up on seeing my friend.

Not for the universe,not for anybody ever.


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