The True Origins of Casper McFadden the Friendly Ghost

According to some sources

Casper McFadden the Friendly Ghost was created by

Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo,

yet exactly 20 years prior to their first book in 1939

Jimmy Murphy created the Comic Strip series of

Toots and Casper back in 1919.

Toots and Casper was about a wife and a husband.

The ironic part of it all was during Jimmy Murphy’s illness

near the end of his run of creating the series

there was prompting of recycling of earlier strips

and hiring ghost artists.

Later he was turned into a ghost character.



If you question me on any of this then

click these websites links below to find out about more:

Casper the Friendly Ghost Exposed:

Casper was the Husband of Toots in Toots and Casper:



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