The reason that the Catholic Headquarters is called Vatican

It may surprise you,yet here goes and be prepared for shock.

Vatican originates from Vaticanus or Vagitanus

and this deity is said to preside over that hill which is bizarre.

They are not referring to God,yet to Vaticanus.

What on this earth were the Romans thinking?

What was the purpose to be pagan and pretend to be Christian?

I tell you why they did it in two words:Control and Money

By those two alone they can do a lot and they have gained a lot too.

Although that their effects on me are fading fast and quickly going.

I see through the Vatican come on and the whole Mystery Babylon come on.

I see through it all and I can understand

why the Christians hated the Romans so much.

Vatican,Rome is Mystery Babylon.

Enough is Enough.

May this set all of you foolish and gullible people free from their lies.


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