The Dollar Bill Needs Altered

Here is my point on why it needs altered.

The whole seal of it is Masonic in origin.

The whole seal of it maybe Illuminati in origin

considering that the French gave us the Statue of Liberty.

Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum means

He approved our undertakings The New Order of The Secular.

What does Secular mean?The World

So basically the dollar is about the world and not The Lord.

In fact you can research The All Seeing Eye

and most if not every time The Eye of Horus appears.

It ironic too that if you connect the Hexagram on the back

you find the Letters that form MASON on it,plain as day,yet hidden.

If you look at the letters a certain way you get AOMNS

which is the Ancient Order of the a Mystic a Noble Shrine

which ironically takes you to the Shriners,another secret society,

in fact if you do your research well enough

even Roy Rogers was a Shriner.

Yes,this is the same people

where you get Shriners that helps burn victims,

yet they are a secret society as well.

The symbol that the have is a head with a sword.

The same symbol is on a hat that has ABDALLAH on it at the top.

ABDALLAH means servant of Allah.

So that makes Shriners Muslims don’t it?It seems to be so.

In fact you must serve in order to be a Muslim

so then there is no point for true Christians even joining them.

Another thing that Shriners are is Freemasons with another name.

Yes,they are the same as Freemasons except with a different look and name.

Yes,it is bizarre,I know,yet I am a researcher so it comes with doing it.

The world is filled with bizarre stuff and I have seen and heard a lot of it.

I deal with it all to the best of my abilities,yet I do not research everyday.

I do research occasionally because I like to discover new things.


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