Enough about Downtown Abbey!Let’s make a Downtown Paris!

I do not like Downtown Abbey at all
and so what if Abbey Road was filmed there.
The album is ok.
It’s a album about Paul McCartney’s supposed death.

I do have ancestors in England,
yet I have just as much as ancestors
if not more ancestors in France.
I like the hats there more.
I like the whole scene there more.

I mean for years I loved to watch stuff about France,
I loved the French culture and the French landscape.
It overall appealed to me
while my then friends would love England,
love the English culture and the English landscape.
Other than Cornwall,England or Yorkshire,England
the country don’t appeal to me.
France however appeals to me in every way.

Plus as a child I learned the French language,
studied the French culture,the French lifestyles
and the French landscapes which to me
England never had.
My then friend would brag about England
and go on about how good it was,
yet degrade France.
She probably was Asian
and she liked John Lennon’s music
more than Paul McCartney’s,
yet I am the exact opposite.
She probably was Maria who I disliked greatly.
The swinger.

Moving on.

Alright as a child I like American,Danish,French and Mexican stuff.
No English stuff.
I watched stuff about those cultures,
yet never anything Brittish or English.
Robin Hood was the exception,
yet that was it.
I never cared for either of those cultures ever.

I used to as a child when I went to French class
we learned the French language,made crépes
and watched movies about France
and I watched the 1997 movie Au Pair
when it came on The Family Channel then.
The Family Channel was to me better ABC Family is today.
The movies then appealed to me a lot more on it.
Au Pair was about a French pair.
I even got it so that I can watch again if I so choose to do so.
I may go to Paris,France someday which is where it was filmed.
I do like Paris,France.
I used to watch Samantha Brown in 2005 all the time
on the Travel Channel,she was awesome.
She would travel to France,Finland,Portugal,Scotland,Switzerland and more.
Her show was great.
I was hooked on it and even her shows in America.
I even tweeted her one time to let her know
how much of a fan of hers that I am
and she was gratified
and I wished good luck with her family and that was it.
Sweet lady on screen and off screen.
I respect her a lot.
More people should be like her,not necessarily looks,yet in actions.

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