eHarmony Is eMisery

I remember giving them a chance a while back
just for kicks.
I was not looking for love,yet seeing if they were really worth it.
I took their ten to twenty page self analysis quiz.
I answered everything.
I put that I was looking for a musician,
all American and writes songs too.
I got lead to a page that said:
We’re sorry we could not find a match for you.
I feel so sorry for anybody who is a musician
and wants someone like themself,I do feel for them.
I did the two-three times more just for kicks,
I was like why not see if they were miserable even more.
I found out that they were miserable even more.
Dating Sites are deceptive:,,
don’t even get me started with
because those desperate Russian Women on there are hysterical.
There’s no dating,I’m already their husbands.
I’m like I don’t know you or want you.
Do what I did,
find a actress or someone local and date her
then everything should fall into place
and y’all should live happily ever after
The Continuing.

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