The Devil Must Be A Homosexual

In fact if you read the Old Testament about Sodom and Gomorrah

you will notice that homosexuality did occurred

and that is why the city that they were living in was destroyed

and you can notice in today’s world

how homosexuality is being foolishly supported.

Homosexuality is a Sin

and the Wages of Sin is death

and who likes to watch people die?Satan,that’s who.

As a child you never would hear of it in the 1990’s

and war was rampant from country to country.

Today there is too much homosexuality

and that needs to change

and people can go to heterosexuality if they tried.

Homosexuality is going against nature

and also it is serving satan unaware.

What are the tools of satan to destroy?:






of course Crime which is Stealing,Killing and Abuse


So what is my word for homosexuals?

Newsflash,it’s a choice and you all can be heterosexuals.


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