The Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of Heaven are The Same Kingdom

Some on the internet are misleading gullible Christians

by the notion that they are different.Nope.

In the Bible it does say

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand in Matthew

and The Kingdom of God is at hand in Mark,

yet people somehow disregard

what is plainly there in the text itself.

The only real difference in reference is that

Jesus deals extensively with t

he Kingdom of Heaven by parables,

yet in one of these parables

he refers to his Father and our Father.

I really do not understand

why people seek to divide Jesus own teaching

to cause needless confusion and strife among us.

In fact Jesus made references to entering both Kingdoms.

We must be born again to enter them both.

You are not fooling me folks so stop the confusion

because me and God both have seen what you are doing.


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