If Only

If Only

Pain would not convince me that

I am taken down

I could have my faith away from the ground;


If Only

The flesh when hurt would not convince me that

Hope is gone

I could see past my hurt to the One who can help me on;


If Only

My mind could retain what I learn

And not let my senses get me down

I could find a way more often around;


If Only

I could see the next moment

I could prepare for it now

Instead of looking at the doom and glory with worry now;


If Only

I could keep my mind set on what is above

I could maintain faith that nothing in the world can shake

Even if I make a mistake;


Then I would have stronger faith

And I would rise again

I would not have it lose,

Yet I could win;


Then I could overcome the world

With all of it’s troubles

With all of it’s turns

I could live and learn and be strong forever and ever on;


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