You Should Not Believe Everyone

You should not believe every one

nor should you believe every Spirit.


The things that you hear from your Spirit

seek to ask what is the origin and who is the source

or else you are bound to fall for deception.


It is not that deception is nonstop,

yet it is just that the powers of darkness in the world

seek to deceive us from within and from without.


If a person or a group leads one astray

then they do it by accident or by incident.


Still to trust a person simply because they say true seeming things

does not make them a origin of truth or a source of truth.


It would be better to be alone and find God yourself

then to seek a multitude and find demons.


Do not get me wrong

because I am not condemning multitudes seeking to help some.

yet to seek multitudes for the truth

is just as bad as trying to find life’s answers from a necromancer.


A necromancer is a diviner and should not be trusted,

if you trust a necromancer then may God set you free asap.