2015 Is Finally Here And We All Made It

I am so grateful to have just survived 2014.

To have accomplished just that is a achievement in and of itself.

This really is something.

This is the first time I posted on a Blog in January since 2004.

It is really hard to believe for me,yet I am doing it.

Back then I was using MSN’s Blog Creator when it was a website.

Things have changed so much since then.

Back then MySpace was big and FaceBook was just beginning.

GeoCities was on Yahoo and Launch on Yahoo was a music video zone.

It is something just reflecting on 11 years ago for the first time since 2005.

Back then I had a website and the link to it may still be workable.

Here it is:http://www.faithman5.tripod.com

I have a awesome time with y’all.


Happy New Year Everyone

and everyone remember to drive sober and stay alive.