My High School Friends Are Not My Life

They are just memories to me and that is all.

I honestly regret even having those memories.

It should have all been different than it was.

My earthly dad instilled a garbage perspective of others

that they would consider me a burden

(at times his memory is a burden,more like 99% of the time)

they will never do for me like he did

(like they can’t or wouldn’t want to

because he views himself so flipping him)

they would not be into what I do

and that I was just a dreamer

and that I would never achieve anything else

The hell with him,he is history.

He is like the devil to me,

yet maybe he will change someday and support what I do

and let me be me

and quit getting so damn interested in what I do

like has lately,enough,he should go fishing and stay there.

Honestly if we ever did get rich

I’d stay gone and get him to do Bass Masters

so that he could do what he enjoys and leave me alone.

I’m not a child anymore,

yet I am me and I hate the word adult too.

I will not accept any other titles either,

because they honestly do not fit me.