Social Alienation Is Self Justice In A Very Cruel World

To me to alienate yourself from this society
as much of a pain that it is,is joy.

I can honestly admit how much that I do hate
even going on Facebook and Twitter anymore
because the woman that I love is not on either anymore.

I like the lines from the Michael Martin Murphey song
No Man’s Land:
It all begins to run together
It all begins to feel the same
The endless slow erosion
The pattern of the plain

I feel bored being on social networks
because the thrill is gone with them
and since MySpace eliminated the way to post music
I have not really social networking that much since
and that was 2011 when my woman still avoided me
because of her evil friends
let her know that I posed as her which I posed as her
which I have a reason to do because she ain’t better than me
and to y’all that thinks that she’s better than me are the real losers.
I wrote songs before I even knew that she even existed.
I wrote poems before I even knew that she wrote poems.
I wrote stories before she wrote stories.
I took photographs years before I ever saw her do any.
She was not a reason for me doing any of them.
I created my first website in 1999
and I did not know about her then,yet I want to know her now
Y’all are crazy and wrong and God sees y’all’s hearts
and what Y’al did force her to do
and wanting her to be with that man that bruised her,
y’all are complete jerks.