Nobody Is In My Shoes(I’m Grief Striken)

I can’t contact Brie Larson anymore.
It gets harder to accept how life goes for me.
I need a new sign of hope.
Any sign would do for me.
I composed two songs about Brie Larson recently
and they are “Just To Put Your Seat Next To Mine”
and “The Sorrow Of My Heart”
and I mourned and I wept
because I can read about Brie Larson,
yet I could never spend time with her.
She does mean a lot to me.
I mean a lot.
People can crack jokes about it all they want.
People can give me names because of it all they want.
Those things will never mend of the pain
that not getting to see her or protect her has caused me.
If I could I might go back in time
and move all the good moments from 2007-2015
back to 2004 rather than going to Youth Camp
which I do consider to be a mistake these days.
Back then I consider a building is where you met God,
yet you can reach God from anywhere at all,
yet sadly I can reach Brie Larson no where
not even right now when I yearn to so desperately.
I would do anything just to see her again
and get to know her and her get to know me for once
and not just for what her fans and her peers,
yet get to know me for me,no opinions,just the real me.
No games,no gimmicks,just the real me.
Why can’t we ever know each other for real for?
Will we ever get to know each for real?
If we can’t I’d rather not be on the earth anymore,
because it hurts to be on the same planet as her,
yet never get to see her ever in my life
and I am mourning over it right now.
I really am mourning over it because it hurts me
to the depths of my soul as far as feelings can go.
I can’t discuss this anymore.
Y’all got this so accept it please.