Jesus And Paul:Do They Actually Even Agree?

To the masses the answer probably is a yes.

Although the masses do not look at the Bible thoroughly.

If they did they would not think that.

In all honestly when you do read the Bible

with the passages of Jesus and compare them

with the passages of Paul

you would be surprised at how much they disagree about.


Let’s examine Jesus’s teachings

and how they contrast with Paul’s teachings.

It would not surprise me if all of their teachings disagree

if you find all that they taught about

and put them beside each other for similarity test

and even a single difference would show

that Paul was not really Jesus apostle,

yet actually a imposter

who was against Jesus,the Apostles,the Christians

and even the Law of God which he was.

Still after Jesus fulfilled Law of God

then we are able to do things more because of it.