This Sleepy Town

This sleepy town
Put on this earth
By God
And for what it’s worth
I look on
To tomorrow day
And I even pray
Yet it’s something I wanna see
I even work to make sure that it can be
I try my best
I do make plans
Yet tomorrow is at times
Hard to understand
Still I will work on today
And staying ok

This poem is about life.
I really did enjoy typing it down.


My 363rd Post

To be honest,

to get this far took me time and effort.

This is possibly the most that I have blogged in months.

To me I could post more continually.

So much every month,yet no because it requires my time.

I got a life of my own to live.

This blog is only one part of it.

I may post music on it someday soon.

Who knows,I may even post poems once again.