Brie Larson Deserves Better Than She Is Getting

I mean come on you people.

She has to star on The United States of Tara

where she gets viewed so bad that it’s sad.

It hurts me to see this even happen.

What about Raising Dad?

Why didn’t that get her real known then in 2002?

Why not?Why?!

I mean why do y’all only mention movies after 2009 that she did,

yet never Madison,Right On Track,Sleepover and Hoot?

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Then she stars on The Beaitiful Ordinary which became Remember The Daze

where she has to make pot references to even get attention

then she stars on Drunken Stepfather which I still hate to this day just to get noticed.

Y’all people are scum,she was nicely talented back in 2004,

yet she felt invisible,overlooked and ignored

and her parents were divorced!

Where is the care?

Where is the mercy?

If I had known then that she was treated so poorly then when she was doing Hoot

I would have flown to Florida and been there for her.

Y’all don’t deserve her movies.

Y’all don’t deserve a movie at all.


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