The Red Carpet Rules Are As Bad As The Christian Academies Rules That I Followed

Whenever I see Brie Larson need to wear super fancy stuff

Just to be on the red carpet seems kinda stupid to me.

Why can’t she wear a t shirt with blue jeans like she used to wear?

and don’t even get me started with my dislike for Marc Jacobs

and his molestation of women,some women do it to men.

I have no pity for either one,because they don’t deserve any.

Brie Larson wanted him around her,drives me to a rage,

not because I hate her,yet because I love so much and I’d hate to see her ever abused by anybody

even my family or friends.

Huh!If I found one family member or friend mistreat her,

I’d abandon them like a tide,very fast,zoom,gone..

Why can’t Brie Larson be her?

Why is she all of a sudden vegan,yet not till after she met Shailene Woodley?

I do not like Shailene Woodley?

I know that Brie Larson has gluten allergies,

yet go to strictly vegan,I did that in 2007 and it got boring real fast.

I was a vegan for almost a full year in 2007

because I got to wear I was almost just eating fruits and vegetables.

I do like Brie Larson and I do care about how she does

and ends up being everyday of my life

on this damn planet called earth.

Women are not below men and men are not below women,

yet mistreating her often times feels like you’re mistreating me.

I will not support what misuse she gets handed to her

whether a script where she gets bruised or put in the hospital

or made to look sleazy like y’all morons like to make her look.

Y’all are some of my biggest dislikes on the earth.

Honestly as a teen I never worried about Brie Larson’s movie choices

because she was never in the position to be mistreated and that brought me inner joy,

yet as a adult she concerns me and worries me everyday anymore to the point of illness.

I got sick for about a month because I worried how she did.

Those people that make nude fakes of her online should be sued

and watch their website get pulled like a tornado coming through,quick and swift.

They do not deserve to own websites mistreating people like they do.

They just have fantasies and their fantasies are physical and possibly mental and emotional abuse.

Y’all are jerks for mistreating her and never count on me befriending y’all because I’ll never do it ever.


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