I never liked having to stay in Virginia

It was never may plan to stay in Virginia,

yet life got tough,money was little

and friends were few and far between.

At age 7 in 1994,I really had no friends.

I would just play around with my dog skateboarding flipbook

and watch Disney movies and George Burns films.

The Family Channel was my favorite channel in 1994.

Back then I would watch everything

Hulk Hogan starred in,

Eddie Murphy starred in,

Tom Hanks starred in,

Mel Gibson starred in,

Harrison Ford starred in,

The Olson twins starred in


Different martial artists starred in

whether it be Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris starred in,

yet The Brave Little Toaster and The Lion King

were my favorite films then

next to The Little Mermaid and The Swan Princess movies 1 and 2.

As much as I liked movies then I should have acted then.

As a child when I found where the Lassie film was done in 1994

I felt like I had to go see the location,

I have been there a few times in my life.

If I could have done over I would have acted at 7 years old in 1994.

I dressed up as a pumpkin in a play in 1994

and I loved doing drama in school and playing Noah in a play in 2004,

yet it never occurred to me that I should act,

yet looking back I see that I missed it by a mile,oh well,at least I still have a future.


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