Gothic does not mean dressed in black,yet Gothic does mean a ancient German tribe

For years I wondered why when somebody would see somebody dressed in all black

they would call them gothic like gothic meant dark which it don’t.

Here is a wikipedia link all about it:

Society is bad for this type of stuff

and it is all narrowed down to one word

and Do you know what that word is?It’s Slander.

Society loves to condescend and degrade both men and women both.

I hate society because it really does suck royally as many would say.

There’s nothing gothic about black nor bad about black,

yet I’m really not a fan of the color unless I get bored

which is very seldom,yet I like brown way more.

Seriously drop the usage of the word gothic with the word black

before a good ole German gets a temper because it could happen

and that would be unfortunate.

Still in this day and age somebody gets offended no matter what you do,

yet associating stuff gothic with stuff black

is akin to calling grass blue,yet there is no blue grass,only green grass.

Maybe on Europa there is blue grass,yet on earth is there any such thing as blue grass.


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