My High School Friends Are My Past

Honestly I do not see myself going to a 20 year reunion
if they ever have any.

Those people are my past
as is that period of my life,my past.

A past I’d rather infinitely forget literally.

To me it was a past that I wish never was.

It was a past where I pretended to be things to fit in.

I cut my hair because I thought that men wasn’t supposed to grow it long,
yet I was so wrong.

Samson had long hair.
Jesus had long hair and still does.
Various other men had long hair.
Rollo the Viking,French King and distant ancestor had long hair
like Edgar Winter does.
They were accepted.
They did just fine.
I am currently working on getting my hair past my back
and if I get blessed that much it will get that far.

Still as a child I was stupid
and believed that short hair was all that men could have,
yet history has proven me wrong
and even rockers today and country artists before have done it.
Look at Waylon,Willie and the Boys,
who were long haired country rebels.
Look at the Music Icon James Paul McCartney
he had long hair in the 1970’s and he has had long hair in 2015.

To you naysayers who hate long hair on me
please do everyone a favor and back off seriously.
Seriously loosen up,
try long hair because it is liberating,seriously.


2 thoughts on “My High School Friends Are My Past

  1. I had long hair…I used to just grow it out and shave it all off for kids with cancer. Just a maintenance pain for me. Manageable mop for cold weather/Sheared for hot. Michael Hutchence & Jim Morrison wore it well…so did Ian Asbury. To each his own. Live and let live. “Love & Peace!” -Michael Hutchence

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