If I Could’ve Done Over

I have been thinking lately about my last
after discovering that Brie Larson used to do create story boards.
I recalled then out of the blue
that I used to own a flip book as a child
that had a moving story in it of a dog skateboarding.
I was between five and seven then,yet I lost it
so I am gonna buy some and try to recapture my childhood somehow.

Back to the “If I Could’ve Done Over” statement.
Yes,it would’ve been drastically different.
I would have keep it and learn to make moving pictures on a flip book
because my goal was to make my own flipbooks,
yet as a child I gave up.
It was one thing or another,yet I did.
It was beyond my logic then on how to make flipbooks,
yet if I could’ve done over I would have pushed till I had my own flipbooks.
I would’ve learned to write songs sooner.
I would’ve auditioned for comedy commercials because I like to make people laugh.
I always have.
I used to imitate commercials,people,characters and more.
I would’ve went to L.A. and met the people behind the talking chiwawa
for the Taco Bell franchise because I considered it to be so cool.
I even bought a stuffed animal of it
and whenever you pressed a button on it,it would talk.
I was a big fan of Full House,I even wanted to live in the house,literally.
I wanted to move there just to be in the house,
yet after finding out that it was a set come on,I feel disillusioned to it,sadly.
I would’ve rode the trolleys in San Francisco,California
because I always liked them and still do.
Yes,there’s tons that would’ve been different,
yet I won’t make my blog post a novel just to let you know.
Oh yes,I would’ve moved to LA to act at five on Herbie or Oh! God
because I was big fans of those two movies
and met Brie Larson and tried to date her as a child.
Yes,it would’ve been different and I would’ve never went to HAE ever.


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