Love Isn’t A Memory Yet Love Is Caring About Someone

I do not rely on feelings.
Feelings are many and most of them are attached to people
that we don’t give a damn about anyways.
I do care about certain people,
yet others I hardly care about at all.
They just are seen and heard by me and that is it.
I hate to lie because lying solves nothing but hiding.
I do not hide.
If you hate me for this then you hate me,
yet I will survive.
I do not really like that many celebrities,
most of them I wish that I never knew,
they just appeared to me for some reason in my life.
I no longer think about them.
High school friends are just memory that I want to forget greatly.
College friends at times I want to let go of.
Friends come and go,yet the true friend is who you love freely.
In honestly true love isn’t free
nor is it bow to feelings.
Loving someone means caring about someone
and never wanting to let them go,
yet you would rather let the world go
and all that comes with it as well.
At times I just to ship the world past the celestial sphere
and forget that I did it.
That is a fact.
Like it or not.
I would spare my friend and her family and friends
and my family and friends,yet everything else could be forgotten.


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