Astrology Is Mythology(Except Repackaged To Distract Folks)

Astrology is based on the events that occurred in Mythology
we’re mortals,killed animals and objects are deified.
I find no purpose in upholding such garbage as it
for it is garbage.

Everything in Astrology is backwards,
even the mottos of each sign are contrary to life itself.
Let me put them down to demonstrate just how stupid that they are,
except for a few which are closer to the truth.

Aries Motto:I am therefore I am
Taurus Motto:I have therefore I am
Gemini Motto:I think therefore I am
Cancer Motto:I feel therefore I am
Leo Motto:I will therefore I am
Virgo Motto:I analyze therefore I am
Libra Motto:I balance therefore I am
Scorpio Motto:I create therefore I am
Sagittarius Motto:I perceive therefore I am
Capricorn Motto:I use therefore I am
Aquarius Motto:I know therefore I am
Pisces Motto:I believe therefore I am

So which ones are right out of all that are wrong?
The Aries one and The Cancer one are the most accurate to me
because you are so you are,we exist because exist
and without feeling in our bodies we wouldn’t exist.
We don’t always think,have,believe,will or know
and those don’t prevent us from existing,
yet without being or feeling we wouldn’t exist.

To everyone that is still into Astrology,
I feel sorry for you because y’all are fooled and don’t realize it.


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