I’m Officially 28,Yet Looking At 18(A Decade Ago In Review With Today)

At 18 I was in high school,yet about had it completed.
I had finished P.E. in 2003 or 2004,
yet whichever one I can not imply.
I hated high school.
I was glad to put it behind me.
The whole get up early,go to school at 8:30
and leave school at 3:00 or my luck 3:30 or 4:00 was done.
That happened because of detention.
In fact my fondest memory of being 18
was seeing Brie Larson on the MACY’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
and everything else did not even compare to it.
Still I pressed on to get to know her somehow
which to my tries failed.
Her friends hate me because I do care about her,
yet they could care less how she does.
When people abused her they never said a word.
Still back on about the age of 18.
What did I do prior to it and stuff.
In March of 2005 I won my very first ever
Editor’s Choice Award from Poetry.com
for my self written poem “Life’s Journey,”
yet I earned no royalties at all
for having it published in their books
which I let them know was wrong.
They ripped so many people off royalty wise
which was a joke.
They sold thousands of books with me and others poetry work,
yet we didn’t earn a cent from anything.
I would have been smarter publishing the three poems
that won me the awards and withholding the other poems
because they earned me no income.
I am a successful poet already,yet no income to claim.
The same year I graduated from the Christian Academy
that I had attended since a decade prior in 1995
when I was only 8 years old.
At that time I was Hulkamaniac
that watched WCW Monday Nitro
like people who go to ministries do prayer meetings.
I watched it every week till it went off in 2001.
I also had a guitar and played guitar at the time.
Nobody understood my interest in
films,music,racing and sports,yet that was my interests.
I also liked game shows and the year prior in 1994
I watched The Family Channel religiously
years before it became Fox Family
which later it became ABC Family.
Still if I could have any of the three networks
it would be The Family Channel because it was about the family,
totally decent and totally ok for anybody to view.
I first watched Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s movie
“To Grandmother’s House We Go” and it was fun.
At the time I rented and watched a lot if their stuff.
I was a big fan of theirs at the time.
I also watched The Dukes of Hazard and The Waltons
on a weekly basis too.
It was a family affair too because my parents did it too.
Those two shows came on The Nashville Network
and back then I was a Country Music Junkie
and I would watch everything that came on too.
I watched the new live performances and music videos too.
I remember when my mom worked as a nurses assistant
that I stayed with her mom and she had it on CMT
and Clint Black’s music video for “State of Mind”
and how much fun that I had watching it.
This was back when all I played was cassettes,
played my guitar,didn’t have nobody’s contact info
and didn’t really enjoy school,but for the sports.
I had fun competing in hola hoop relax
and tug of war because I enjoyed sports.
Still music was my passion from birth.
I could not imagine my life without music
because it would seem to me like a picture without pixels,blank.
Days after I came home from being born
on the Saturday of the first week
my dad put on Alabama’s “Mountain Music”
and as the needle scratched the vinyl I was floored
and years later in 2009 I bought a Vinyl Record Turntablr.
I have my own Vinyl Records now,
both 33’s,45’s and 78’s.
78’s are the Vinyl Records that have like 8 songs on them.
One cool one is the Peter Pan one.
You can probably find it on Amazon or eBay.
I gtg everyone,yet thank you for reading my post.


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