Who Is The Best Beatle In Y’all’s Opinion?

After The Beatles broke up,

they all went their separate ways having separate careers.

I like Paul the best out of them,yet everybody likes different music.

John Lennon was not bad,yet he was not great.

Looking at their four careers Paul and Ringo has the longest ones.

I did like George Harrison also more than I did John Lennon musically,

yet that is another preference of mine.

How the Beatles became the band name is bizarre,

John Lennon had a vision of a man

that appeared in a flaming pie

and it told him to name his band Beetles,yet with A.

Him and the Beatles told him,Thank You.

That was John Lennon’s response to

why the band’s name is The Beatles.

So that is why the band is The Beatles and not The Beetles.

Actually when I first heard of them I thought they were

doing music about insects a.k.a. beetles.

Kinda like the tv show Big Ban Beetle Borgs.

Yes,that is a strange association,yet that is how I viewed them originally.

I have no clue why except the name.

I originally never knew them,just their songs from movies and videos.

I heard Can’t Buy Me Love in the movie of the same name.

The first time I ever saw John Lennon

Ray Stevens video Surfin’ USSR

and the time I did not know what USSR

as I did know who that man was either.

Actually the first time I remember hearing about them

was when their #1’s album was being promoted on commercials

and that was back in 2002,2003 or 2004,not sure when,yet it was years ago.

I was like,who are they?

They did not appeal to me,yet after seeing how my friend liked them in 2007

I chose to buy their albums and so I did,which I ended up throwing away.

I did keep Paul McCartney and Wings Hits and History album which is a gem,

yet to me Paul McCartney could have succeeded on his own if he wanted to.

His music with Wings was great.

The Beatles were too influenced by drugs and too persuasive if you ask me.

People in high school tempted me

with drugs and tobacco both which I turned down.

I never went to any parties where people got drunk,

yet I know what it’s like to drink 2 shots of whiskey and then drink two bottles of wine.

Whiskey burns,trust me,when you drink it your throat hurts,yet oh well.

Whiskey to me is best drunk with coca cola.

That way you can enjoy yourself while you get buzzed,

yet do so at home.

Another thing I am not telling people to drink,

yet if you do decide to drink do it at home and don’t drive.



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