Awareness Of Them

To seek the showy

and to also be showy is to be faulty

and to be faulty is also to humiliate yourself;


Humilation from others is not good for you,

yet if you are showy then faulty

and you feel humiliated

then you can learn from it and start again;


To feel humiliated is not to feel ruined,

yet to be aware of your wrong

and how your wrong affects you

and how your wrong affects your confidence;


To be as the world is to seek ruin

for the world seek death and ruin

and in these two things the world loses it’s way,

yet if the world would seek life and hope

then the world could be made perfect and new;


For Jesus even told us to be as perfect as the Father in Heaven

so it is our responsibility to be so

and by being perfect we do good and we seek good

and the good is not lusty nor showy,

yet can do and can perform to it’s fullest ability till it is finished;0;

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