Mistranslations In The Bible I

I have a list of words

that should not even be in the Bible.


So let’s get started shall we?


Eternal and Everlasting are two blatantly mistranslated words

that without a way to know the Hebrew and Greek origins

you would fall for it.


Eternal and Everlasting both are translated from one word

and that one word is Aionion which originates from another word

and that word Aion which means Age

and Age is only a specific span of time

so it is not infinite at all.


If you question me on this

then go to these websites and see for yourself:






Now onto the word hell which was mistranslated from three words

and they are Sheol,Gehenna and Tartarus.

Let me make something clear:

Sheol means Grave,

Gehenna is a Valley in the Middle East

called literally the Valley of Hennom

and Tartarus is also mentioned in Greek Mythology

and ironically in Greek Mythology

the Titans are punished in Tartarus.

This is what happens when people try to

make three things one thing because you get mistranslations.



If you question me on this

then visit these websites to see for yourself:


Hell is mistranslated from Sheol:




Hell is mistranslated from Gehenna:






Hell is mistranslated from Tartarus:




If you do visit those websites as I do recommend that you do

and actually look up the sources of those three words

you will discover that hell is a myth

invented by the Roman Catholic Church

and if not that Biblical.


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