Jeremiah 8:8 Explains How The Scribes Tampered With The Bible

You may be wondering:

How can this be?

Well it is written in Jeremiah 8:8.

Jeremiah was a prophet of God.

Jeremiah was aware of what the Levites scribes were doing.


Now let’s delve in Jeremiah 8:8.

This is dealing with a single Bible verse alone,

yet what it mentions goes over a lot in just one line.


Here is Jeremiah 8:8

How do you say,that we are wise,

and the law of The Lord is with us?

See,certainly in vain he made it,

the pen of the scribes is vain.


The Scribes also known as The Levite Scribes

had tampered with the Perfect Law of The Lord.

It is a perfect law because with it

so many illnesses are not a part of our life

and also because with it we know The Lord’s approach to life.


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